Working Of Brain

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Working Of Brain

Memories or information is stored in different parts of brain. All parts work on different functions.  If information is stored in recent memory than it means you have the memory of recent activity. If information is stored in short term part than it may include the name and some other memories of a person you met just moments ago. The information is stored in long term memory that will include your childhood and other long memories.

Memory loss with aging

It is natural that brain little stop works with the growing of age. You also think that when were you 20; you easily memorized everything and can work with your brain at any time. But when you come to age 50, you can’t easily remember anything. This is the part of your age. The older you are these effects will show more on your brain.

Aging may affect your brain. You can easily remember your recent activities but can’t memorize long term memories. But your recent memory can also affected little bit like you forgot the names of people you met recently, or you forgot keys of your car. These are all natural changes in human being with age.

Simple steps to memorize things

When you don’t memorize something, it can frustrate you. For this problem we have simple tips to tell you to get rid from this frustration:

• Make lists
• Do follow your routine
• Make links in your mind, like landmarks to find places easily.
• Always keep a detailed calendar
• Always keep your things on the same place where you placed it every time.
• Recall names when you meet people.
• Do such activities which keep you body and mind busy.
• Practice ABC’s in your mind, it will help you to think words that you are having problem to remember.

Some other causes of memory problems

Yes, there are some other problems of memory loss. This includes depression, side of drugs, strokes, head injury, Alzheimer and alcoholism, Stress and anxiety, ADHD, vitamin B-12 deficiency, brain masses, neurodegenerative illness, metabolic diseases such as (thyroid gland diseases, diabetes or lung, liver failure.

Side effects of Alzheimer’s disease

This disease starts when you don’t memorize recent activities. At first stage, a person who have Alzheimer disease can remember long term memories but can’t memorize his or her recent memories. By the passage of time, this disease will affect all parts of memory. Experiencing different moods like sad, anger and get frustrated by the increasing of memory loss. With this disease you can’t easily communicate with any one and find lack of confidence in yourself. This can also be genetically. This disease mostly affects those people over the age of 65. Recently research says that in UK there are about 16,000 people suffering with Alzheimer disease.

What should do if memory problems are serious?

If so feel that you are forgetting same things on daily routine than you have serious problem of memory. If you just forgot names of people it means that you are okay. But when you notice that you are forgetting the way you do work except you did the same work many times before than you have serious problem of memory loss.

Here is another difference between normal memory problems and dementia, is that it will get worse by the passage of time.

You find it very difficult to know that you have a serious problem with your memory. Do consult a good doctor and tell about what you are feeling and doing now days. If this problem caused by your certain medicine, than your doctor will automatically change your prescribe medicine after diagnose you. If there is another reason about that such as stress or anxiety, then your doctor can help you to in treatment.

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