When You Need That Disk Array

Friday , 23, December 2016 Leave a comment

I recently needed to buy disk arrays, and I needed to do it in a hurry. I work in information technology, although it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. If you’ve ever seen a movie where there’s a guy sitting in a glass room surrounded by stacks of hardware while he pounds away on a keyboard, that’s me. Although I must say my office and the hardware stacks are much smaller than something you would see in a Hollywood thriller. It’s more a few stacks and I’m spending most of my time reading logs to make sure hackers aren’t destroying our system.

But the boss decided to upgrade the system, and expand it, and so he put me in charge of locating the hardware to accomplish this task. Now while I work with the hardware, I’m not up to speed on actually purchasing said items. I came into this job and everything was all set up. But the boss was persistent and insisted I look into expanding our disk arrays as the company is planning to expand. So I did what he wanted me to do and looked around online for the gear. I read up on what we would need and even talked to some of my friends from school who went into hardware.

They suggested exactly what I would need and where to get it online. Sure enough I found the place and after checking through their items with the specs I had at hand, I was able to locate the equipment and purchase it. A few days later it arrived and the boss brought in a couple of people to help install it. Now my job is about twice as demanding as it was before, but he was pretty pleased I was able to follow through on what he asked of me.