The Safety Provided by ADT

Tuesday , 13, January 2015 Leave a comment

Having moved to Houston just this past month I soon found myself appreciating the quirky sort of ‘cowboy’ culture that still thrives here in the Lone Star State. There is a real sense of American patriotism felt here in what can only be described as the truly last frontier of the American West where culture has filled every niche of habitable land within this state, proving yet again just how determined life can be. Despite just how far flung I appeared to be from a society of crime I was still robbed. ADT Home Security for Houston was the only thing between me and the guy who had broken into my home.

If I hadn’t activated the security system that night before I went to bed I would have never known that someone was lurking in my home as they crept in the shadows collecting my valuables without shame. It disgusted me to suddenly realize that no matter where you go in this country there will be some sort of criminal activity happening that you might not even be aware of. I certainly never expected it to be here in Texas where home owners often defend their property violently – something I can’t bring myself to do!

I’m not a violent person but I will defend my home in whatever way I deem fitting as long as it doesn’t have to resort to violence. A criminal might want to take advantage of me by stealing the things that I’ve worked so hard to earn but I will ensure that they end up behind bars. With cameras installed around the home, there’s absolutely no chance for a would-be robber to steal anything without at least being caught on camera for their act. It’s not much but I think it’s better than gunning someone down!