The Advantage of Pre Workout Supplements

Thursday , 29, December 2016 Leave a comment

People at the gym would always get better results than me, and I wondered why. We all seemed to be doing the same exercises, but everyone else could work out for longer periods of time, were less tired at the end of the workout, and had the most gains from the workout. I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer and asked someone how they were getting such good results. They told me that they were using a Body Fortress pre workout supplement. I was only using some protein powder after my workout, but apparently this wasn’t enough.

I did some research on pre workout supplements, and noticed that there were powdered varieties and gels. I wasn’t sure which one to get, especially since they both seemed to provide the benefits I needed. I didn’t have a particular preference for one kind over the other, so I had to just flip a coin to decide. I went with the powdered variety, which works out well anyway, because I was already drinking a powdered formula after the workout. The protein powder that I use after the workout is chocolate flavored, so I chose something with a different flavor for the pre workout.

The fruit punch pre workout drink made from the powdered supplement tasted pretty good. I’ve had some really bad powdered drink flavors, with vanilla being one of the worst. I usually have to cut the bad flavors with some frozen bananas or some other fruit to make it taste good, but the fruit punch was good enough to be used on its own. During the workout, I had a lot more stamina than before. I could do more reps and felt as if I was able to run faster and lift more. The muscle gain from the supplement was noticeable in a couple of weeks.