The word HGH is an abbreviation of human growth hormone. It is a type of hormone that is produced by cells called somatotropic cells. These cells are found in our pituitary glands and such glands are specifically located in human brain. This HGH is a combination of 196 amino acids. Read More

Eye dark circle

If you do have really amazing skin in very beautiful shape, but have dark circles around your eyes, your whole beauty will spoil.

Eye dark circles are the sign that you are not taking proper sleep. You are almost getting tired. Some eye dark circles problems can also be genetic. You should think about that how can you get rid from eye dark circles? Some special tips and easy tricks, by which you can get rid of this problem. In addition you can also learn how you control other eye problems. Read More

To purchasing a health insurance in California is not a big problem. You can approach your favorite insurance company through a phone call or by visiting their official website and they quickly respond your request. Health is the most concerned issue world wide and most risky too. No body knows about how long they can survive because accidents & health issues are the part of life routines. No body has the idea of how the next morning will begin. And apparently healthy looking people get some dangerous diseases that they had never ever imagined about. By keeping all the hazards in mind there must be taken some precautionary measures. Health issues comprise of financial issues in most of the cases. But health insurances reduce the uncertainty for future financial hazards. Read More

A table saw is a must-have in a man’s “goody” room. However, even knowledgeable men need a bit of help when it comes to choosing the right tool, especially since you are annoyed by the lack of accuracy and clumsiness of a circular saw in trimming small pieces.

A top-notch table saw can crosscut, miter, rip and bevel anything and it stores away easily after you’re done. One of the best parts of such a machine is that you can actually see what you are doing because it sits still while you cut the wood. You also need to hear this: a table saw is not as accurate as an expensive stationary shop saw and it may struggle a bit with thick pieces of lumber. Still, most models are tougher than they appear and, more often than not, they are accurate enough to handle renovation work and general home repairs. Read More

At North Valley Optometry we tried a couple of different ways in the process for asking for online reviews.

Simply Ask  My wife is the business owner and optometrist.  She would primarily be the one to ask the patient if they would be open to giving them an online review.   She would either weave it into the conversation if it was appropriate some time during the eye exam or one of the girls on her staff would ask the patient for an online review if the patient was there to pick up glasses and didn’t necessarily have an appointment with the doctor.

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As I mentioned in my last article on How to Make it Easy for Your Customer to Leave an Online Review we found that it is most effective to send a follow up email to our patients with links to our Yahoo and Google Local profile to request a review. I “genericized” it just to give you an idea of what we found effective and you can see it’s a short an simple note: Read More

Yelp has become huge phenomenon in many parts of the US in helping consumers decide which restaurants to frequent and which services to try.   Here’s a post from the Yelp Official Blog that has some nice tips on how small business owners can leverage the tools Yelp has provided to small business owners.

At the bottom of the post is a video interview with an owner of a fairly new Philly Cheese Steak restaurant in San Francisco.  Within 1 year the new Phat Philly has received over 300 reviews.  The owner also talks about how he uses Yelp to communicate with his reviewers and how he turns many of his reviewers that have given him a bad review into long term customers. Read More

Since Precison Garage Doors of NJ Opened in 2000, Doug Bencsko, the owner, has guaranteed 100% satisfaction. The problem was the only way to measure it before online reviews was in the number of complaints, which really didn’t work. The thought process was no complaints = 100% satisfaction but of course that isn’t always true.

To fix this problem, Precision started to encourage every customer to review their business online. This would provide positive as well as negative feedback to help improve customer service and make the whole process transparent to new customers. Read More

Have you ever had that thought in your mind, that if I start asking my customers for online reviews, what if I start getting a bunch of negative ones?  That’s a common fear that we all have…. “what if”?  Here’s the reality, if you have a solid business, you have a solid base of customers who are your raving fans.  Sure there is a possibility of a few negative online reviews creeping in, but isn’t the reality most of them are going to be positive? Read More

Mike Blumenthal has put together a nice post outlining a framework for local businesses to consider in encouraging their customers to write an online review. Unless you are restaurant, coffee shop or a point of interest, customers leaving online reviews is not yet common practice for most businesses.

Yet, in our experience in working with small businesses to implement local search engine optimization strategies, online reviews are incredibly important from a marketing perspective as well as building an online brand that is going to last on the web forever. Read More