Most Online Reviews are Positive

Monday , 19, November 2018 Leave a comment

Have you ever had that thought in your mind, that if I start asking my customers for online reviews, what if I start getting a bunch of negative ones?  That’s a common fear that we all have…. “what if”?  Here’s the reality, if you have a solid business, you have a solid base of customers who are your raving fans.  Sure there is a possibility of a few negative online reviews creeping in, but isn’t the reality most of them are going to be positive?

That’s what the experts say.  Bazzaar Voice conducted a study surveying 1300 online reviewers.   What they found was that the majority of consumers that post online reviews are motivated by “goodwill” and “positive sentiment“.    The study also showed that almost 80% write reviews to reward the company and positive reviews outweigh negative reviews 8 to 1 (or another way of saying it is 87% of all online reviews are positive).

Yelp also wants to clearly show that on their site 85% of all reviews are positive with the majority of reviews being 4 and 5 stars.

If you’re thinking about starting to ask customers to write a quick review for your business and your feeling a little hesitant about the “what if”, take comfort in knowing that most online reviews are positive.