I Kept Trying Until I Found out What Inspired Me

Friday , 23, December 2016 Leave a comment

I dreamed of my business growing, but at the same time, I did not have faith in it happening. This is because I sometimes have faith in myself, and at other times, I do not feel strong or smart at all. But I told myself not to give up this time. I had given up on so many other things in the past, but I had determination this time around. The business grew to the point that I was able to call in someone to do a custom conference room setup for me as well as hiring more employees, too. That was when I realized that I finally had the willpower that I had been lacking for so many decades.

I can remember more than one teacher tell me as a child that I would not make much of myself in life if I didn’t follow through with things. It frustratedme to hear them say things to me like that. Looking back, I can only assume that they thought that framing things in that sort of negative light would scare me into changing. Instead, I felt deflated and stupid. The teachers weren’t saying those things to my classmates, so I could not understand why I was so different or why it was right for anyone to be so mean to me about it. I was doing the best that I could, and I wondered why they couldn’t accept that at the very least.

By the time I hit my thirties, I was able to look back on a string of failed events in my life. I am very intelligent, but too many things were boring to me. That changed when I decided to open up a networking business. Working for no one else made me work even harder. It made me want to do better for my employees. I had finally found out what made me tick in the corporate world.