Hollywood Hacking Movies Help Fuel the Fear of Russian Hacking Attempts

Monday , 6, March 2017 Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered why hacking could be a problem in America in the first place? Unfortunately, we get a lot of our ideas about how hacking is done and what it can do from TV shows and movies. It amazes me that people do not even stop to think how creative license rarely has anything to do with actual reality. Have you seen the news, or read practically any article, about the presidential election and Russian hacking? The rumors, allegations, denials and all the rhetoric never get into real hacking.

There is a link you can go to online that shows in real time where the majority of the hacking attempts are coming from with the United States being the target. The bulk of the live attempts come from China, but Russia is probably second. Another fact is that Russian citizens, usually males in their 20s or 30s, are behind developing the fake news information. They publicly declare they are doing it for money. How? Well, they make up some fake stuff on a website, promote it on social media, naive Americans click on it by the millions, and they get paid fractions of a cent for each click because of ads on their websites. However, when you add that up to millions of clicks per day, they can make more money in a month than what some Americans make in a year.

Hacking can be stopped on any computer by isolating it from any wired or wireless remote connections and not letting untrusted people have physical access to it. If you have information you do not want in the wild, do not put it there by using cloud based storage or allowing access remotely through websites or online servers. If you want privacy, make it so the information cannot be casually accessed. The idea that voting machines can be hacked is possible, but it is very unlikely. Machines that would use wireless tech instead of having to be individually programmed would be more vulnerable to live altering of the votes. Wireless voting card readers could also be a problem.