His Front Tooth Got Knocked out

Friday , 9, February 2018 Leave a comment

My husband and I were goofing off not long ago. We sometimes act like kids, but that is what keeps our marriage so fun. We were wrestling in the living room, and he had pinned me down. I thought I would grab a pillow and wonk him on the head with it, but he moved quickly to stop me. That is how he hit the corner of the table with his jaw, and I knew he was in a lot of pain from the sounds coming from him. I knew he needed to see a Launceston dentist after he opened his mouth and I saw his front tooth barely hanging there.

How he managed to do that is still a mystery to us. He was able to take the pain while I looked for a dentist who could take him that day. I was able to find one quickly since I used the internet to help me with my search. When we walked into the dentist’s office, they allowed me to fill out the paperwork while they took him straight back. By the time I did get back there, just minutes later, he was already numbed and being examined.

He ended up losing that tooth, but you would never know it to look at him today. The dentist must be an artist of sorts as well, because she was able to craft him a tooth that looks exactly like his front tooth did before it fell out. We had to go back a couple of times after that initial visit, but it was well worth it because my husband still has his gorgeous smile, thanks to the dentist we went to see. We were both so impressed that we will not go anywhere else now for all of our dental needs. We have also tamed down our wrestling a bit too!