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I am Desperate to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is worldwide problem for people of all age groups. Men and women equally suffer from this very problem at any time in life but usually during later years. Not only it affects one’s beauty, appearance but it also makes one perceive negative things about them. Self-esteem is low and psychological impact is deep. It can be embarrassing as well for those who are too self-conscious. For women especially the loss in hair volume is utterly disturbing. Tackling the problem is not as easy as depicted in TV ads and magazines. It needs patience and the right treatment from an early stage once it begins.

Main causes and their cure

To understand the main causes behind hair loss will help to cure it in a better way. The hair growth cycle works with growth phase that lasts two to five years; a resting period and fall remains for about three months. Loosing thirty hairs a day or sixty in spring and autumn is absolutely normal that is not something to get extremely worried about.

Poor hygiene

It can be a cause of hair loss. It is observed those who wash hair every day don’t get more hair loss than others. It can be due to dust particles tangled in follicles that weaken the roots causing them to shed badly. Wash hair daily with fresh room temperature water to keep the dirt off.

Genetic factor

People with specific gene regions found to have caused hair loss are seven times more likely to suffer from hair fall than those who don’t. Research shows mother gene has more influence but it comes from both sides.


As people advance in age, hair loss becomes more apparent. However, men tend to suffer from this problem even during late teens and early twenties. In sixties it’s definite to have baldness in many men. It is a wiser step to start taking care of hair health at an early age to minimize loss later in life.

Diet and lifestyle

Good nutrition is closely associated with healthy hair. Biotin and vitamin A are well known to be excellent for hair. Take plenty of protein sources as well such as fish, meat, kidney, eggs, lentils, beans, pulses etc to make sure there is enough nourishment for hair. Cure any disease that is causing hair loss. Avoid stress, depression and anxiety as much as possible.

Substandard products

Beware of the marketers whose sole aim is to get money out of your pockets. Women especially keep on experimenting with their delicate hair. They can’t stay normal unless they have tried all hair foods, styling gels, mousses and sprays. Artificial hair tonics are nothing but a mixture of strong chemicals, essence and colors. Trying each and every hair dye is another passion for them. Don’t be so cruel and put only that burden on hair which can be easily tolerated by them. Always buy high quality products like provillus that are tested and prescribed by dermatologist or any expert. Read the labels carefully before making a purchase.

Hair accessories

Fancy pins and clips are better to be avoided for those with already weak thin hair as it can cause further hair damage. Get simple accessories that are lighter in weight with no sharp edges or heavy metals. Some young girls tie rubber bands to make pony, and when it is taken off it breaks many hair with it. Avoid those bands.

Combing technique

Never brush wet hair. If it’s too urgent or necessary use a conditioner comb after absorbing excessive water in towel. In normal state, brush very gently with a wooden or good quality plastic bristles. Metal can be damaging or uncomfortable. Untangle hair gently to avoid any breakage. Keep head covered in intense sunlight.

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