Get rid of dark circles under eye

Monday , 19, November 2018 Leave a comment

If you are having Halloween party and you have eye dark circles, than you don’t need to apply much makeup on your eyes because it naturally looks dreadful.

But on daily routine days, it really looks embarrassing having eye dark circles. If you have puffy eyes and eye dark circles you normally look tired even if you are not. From this point many ideas raises to get rid from eye dark circles. Dark eye circles are just irritation. You have to find some ways to get rid of dark eye circles.

Eye dark circles can also be occurring due to:

1. Lack of sleep
2. Lack of blood
3. Constipation

Lack of blood

There are many factors comes out when you think to get rid of dark eye circles. One of these factors is lack of blood. If a person uses excessive amount of salt in his or her meal or either he or she smokes. Due to this kind of lifestyle you surely have eye dark circle problem. Due to these habits dilation of blood vessels occurs. If the size of these blood vessels increases than the visibility of dark circles around eye can reduce.

Lack of sleep

If you do work harder on daily bases but are not getting proper rest, your eyes are getting tired and they also not get proper rest, so the eye dark circles can occurs. Use revitol eye cream and reduce eye black spots Or else if you do late night work on daily routine than this can also cause of dark circles around your eyes. Or if you do sleep too much than this can also cause eye dark circles.


As you know if you do eat that food which is not suitable for your stomach can lead you to painful disease constipation. It can also occur when you don’t take proper diet or meal everyday. Due to this constipation dark circles around your eyes can appear.

Natural solutions to get rid from eye dark circles:

You can remove your dark circles by applying some natural solutions except to spend more money on expensive eye repair products.

1. First take a cucumber. Grand it in mixer. Than pour it in two soft cloths and tide up these cloths. Than it will look like small patches. Than place it on your eyes. This will let you relax so do your eyes and can also reduce your eye dark circles.
2. Take some skimmed milk and add some lemon juice in it. Do massage on your dark circles around eye. But avoid your eye pupil and make it safe.
3. Take some lemon juice and some olive oil. Mix them than do massage for 10 minutes with soft fingertips. This will relax your eyes and will reduce the visibility of dark circles around eyes.
4. Cut two slices of cool cucumber and than place it on your eyes for a while. You feel really relax with your eyes. It will also calm your blood vessels in the area beneath your eyes.
5. Early in the morning, first rub your palms with fingers for a while. Than place your warm palms on your eyes dark circles. Do it for 5 or 6 times daily before having showered. This will keep you fresh and will relax your eyes and help you to reduce eye dark circles.

Here we give you some simple but useful natural tips to get rid of eye dark circles. Hope you will find this very useful & here is another a popular product  hydrolyze eye circles & wrinkles prevention cream Try it Now.