Get Rid From Nail fungus

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As we all know that Onychomycosis mean nail fungus is very common globally. It occurs due to tiny organisms that infect the fingernails and toenails.

Some times it is very difficult to cure fingernails and toenails which are affected by nail fungus. The fungus grows where the skin of fingernails and toenails are warm, moist and dark. The major reason of this disease is that the people who wear shoes regularly in warmer season.

Common reasons of toenail fungus

Toenail gets more affected by nail fungus than fingernails. This infection grows when fungus gets under the skin of toenails. Common reasons include:

• Minor break in the nail can cause fungus to enter.

• Toenails which are weak due to wearing tight fitting shoes constantly.

• By wearing the same shoe pair regularly without allowing then to dry properly.

• Many people cut toenails really close to the skin, causing many minor cuts in the skin. These cuts allow fungus to enter in the skin.

• When you feel your feet moist most of the time then is sure that the fungus is increasing.

Symptoms that shows toenail fungus

 Toenail become scaly

• Toenail become delicate

• Toenail keep becoming flaky

• Toenail gets yellow, black or brown spots.

• Toenail gets hard and painful while wearing shoes every time.

• A stinky smell originates under the toenails skin.

• You feel harsh pain while you are walking due to fungal infection.

Home techniques for the treatment of toenail fungus

When you notice that you have toenail fungus, you can apply assured home techniques which are very effective to eliminate the fungus before it spread. toenail fungus is transmissible, as soon you eliminate the fungus is better for your toenail.

Following below are some simple but really useful tips at home by which you can eliminate the fungus:

1. Vinegar: fill sink with warm water and with balanced amount of vinegar, if you use apple cider vinegar except normal vinegar, it will work more effectively. Immerse your toenails in this mixture for about 20 minutes. Smoothly rub your toe and toenails with dry towel and then with super penetrable paper. Do this twice daily till the signs disappear.

2. Tea tree oil: there are many uses of tea tree oil. This oil is very effective, natural and strong fungicide and antiseptic. Rub smoothly affected toenail with dipped cotton ball in tea tree oil. Recommended to apply this method three times in a day to get satisfactory results.

3. Listerine: many of homes have this mouth wash. Dip your toenail in Listerine for about 20 minutes. The antiseptic in this mouthwash will remove fungus. Do this twice a day.

4. Rubbing alcohol: rubbing alcohol is easily available at any pharmacy. Penetrate the affected toenail in rubbing alcohol about 20 minutes and do this twice daily. Then dry with super absorbent towels.

5. Hydrogen peroxide (3%): hydrogen peroxide is easily available at any pharmacy. Soak your toenail in pure hydrogen peroxide(3%) about 20 minutes. Do this twice daily. Some people may feel harshness for this mix half water and half hydrogen peroxide (3%) and then dry it with super penetrable paper towels.


Do avoid public showers and bathrooms because these are the places where fungus grows well and you simply affected by infection of fungus left behind by someone else. Never use someone else nails polish and nail clippers which is belonging to someone has the same infection. Whenever, you get to parlor make pretty sure that the nail clipper is well washed and disinfected.

Nail fungus spread very fast, so make sure that if you have nail fungus try to cure it before it spreads more.

Do not wear those shoes or sandals by which you get infected by toenail fungus. Throw off unused sandals and shoes to get secured your toenails from fungus infection.

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