Example of Online Reviews Request Follow Up Email

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As I mentioned in my last article on How to Make it Easy for Your Customer to Leave an Online Review we found that it is most effective to send a follow up email to our patients with links to our Yahoo and Google Local profile to request a review. I “genericized” it just to give you an idea of what we found effective and you can see it’s a short an simple note:

Follow Up Email Template

Hi (Customer Name),

It was great to see you at your recent visit with us.

I wanted to thank you for being part of our community.
We really appreciate you putting your trust in our care.

We are finding that on-line reviews are becoming an important part of
our business. I wanted to ask if you could take a minute to write a review
for us on Google and/or Yahoo. (the links are below).

http://tinyurl.com/YourBizGoogleReviews (blog note: links don’t work)


Thank you very much we really appreciate it…

Warm wishes,

(Your Name)

Your Name
Your Company
Your Business Address & Phone #

URL Shortener

What I like as well is to use a URL shortener like TinyUrl or bit.ly . The url are not as intimidating as the long url’s from the local profile for your business and you can create a custom url that looks more relevant for your business.

Here’s a really cool tip we got from our friend Tim Coleman of A Second Opinion. Tim mentioned that once they provided customers with this url the number of customers that actually left a review increased.

You can append the url in the google link with &action=open and the customer can just start typing. They won’t need to find the link on the google profile page to leave a review.

here’s an example with everything stripped out of the url but the customer ID and above


On Page Customer Testimonial Page

Mike Blumenthal recently shared a review process that he set up for one of his clients, Garnering Reviews – A Mom & (no) Pop Shop finally Hops on Reviews and how it has helped their business. Instead of sending out an email they hand each customer a piece of paper with a note and a url to their reviews page