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I am Desperate to Stop Hair Loss Hair loss is worldwide problem for people of all age groups. Men and women equally suffer from this very problem at any time in life but usually during later years. Not only it affects one’s beauty, appearance but it also makes one perceive negative things about them. Self-esteem […]

Working Of Brain Memories or information is stored in different parts of brain. All parts work on different functions.  If information is stored in recent memory than it means you have the memory of recent activity. If information is stored in short term part than it may include the name and some other memories of a […]

If you are having Halloween party and you have eye dark circles, than you don’t need to apply much makeup on your eyes because it naturally looks dreadful. But on daily routine days, it really looks embarrassing having eye dark circles. If you have puffy eyes and eye dark circles you normally look tired even […]

As we all know that Onychomycosis mean nail fungus is very common globally. It occurs due to tiny organisms that infect the fingernails and toenails. Some times it is very difficult to cure fingernails and toenails which are affected by nail fungus. The fungus grows where the skin of fingernails and toenails are warm, moist […]

Introduction:- Health insurance is popular because it provides the protection from health risks; nobody knows about when problem may occur. But one should have prepared for it before time so that in case of emergency, you may be at least free of tension from financial issues. This phenomenon is very common in all around the […]

Short Term Memory Loss Gradually the loss of short-term memory mainly occurs as a normal part of aging. Loss of short-term memory can also be blamed upon the use of drugs or alcohol intoxication or abuse, but other, more disturbing natural causes can be the onset of dementia, bleeding in the brain or in the […]

Is there any possibility to lose belly weight without doing much exercise and without disturbing you daily variety of meals? Answer is yes. You can do it in as less as two weeks without leaving your favorite dishes except fast-food. You just need to have special meal for 2 weeks and you will have to […]

During Halloween, having dark circles under eyes may prove to be a blessing; if you have them, you won’t need to put too much make-up on to make you look scary. But here’s a jolt of some depressing reality; on other days, they look terrifying. It is of course very irritating that others feel that […]

The word HGH is an abbreviation of human growth hormone. It is a type of hormone that is produced by cells called somatotropic cells. These cells are found in our pituitary glands and such glands are specifically located in human brain. This HGH is a combination of 196 amino acids.

Eye dark circle If you do have really amazing skin in very beautiful shape, but have dark circles around your eyes, your whole beauty will spoil. Eye dark circles are the sign that you are not taking proper sleep. You are almost getting tired. Some eye dark circles problems can also be genetic. You should […]