An Air Rifle for My Husband

Thursday , 2, March 2017 Leave a comment

My husband has been wanting an air rifle for a while now. He collects guns and rifles, yet for some reason he has never purchased one of these. I decided to change that for his upcoming birthday. We have been married for over nine years, and I go to the shooting range with him often. I know what he likes as far as guns are concerned, and I know what he does not like. That is how I knew that he would really enjoy the Hatsan 95 that I had been eyeing for him.

I had done a lot of research on the different air rifles that I was able to buy for him. I wanted to get him the one that he would choose for himself, and that is the reason I knew the Hatsan 95 was the perfect gift choice for him. While the walnut stock is nothing new for an air rifle, this particular walnut stock is unique. It comes from very old trees, and it just has a unique walnut color to it. I have seen other walnut air rifles, and this one truly does stand out of all of them.

That was not the only thing I looked at though. I wanted to get him an air rifle that is precise. This particular air gun comes with two scopes, with one of them being the 3-9, which means it is going to be more accurate than others. The trigger is comfortable, the safety measures provided are perfect since we do have two young children, and it is just a gun of beauty. The only downside to it is the weight, which would mean that it might be too heavy for our two sons, but they can grow into using it as they get older. I know that he is going to really like this air rifle a lot!