A Bet Between Two Racers

Friday , 1, July 2016 Leave a comment

I made a bet with one of my friends one day that I would be better at riding on horses than he would. This bet started when we were both at home watching television one day. We were flipping around through the channels trying to find something to watch, when we came across a horse race. We thought it would be cool to race on the horses, and my friend stated that he would be better than me. We started the bet, and now we’re working with racehorse trainers for the day when we have our big race.

The trainers accepted us with open arms, and I think they’ve decided to make a little bet of their own as to who will be the better racer among us. Both of us were novices to horse racing, so we had a lot of ground to cover before the big race. Just getting on top of the horse was a big ordeal, because we weren’t sure how to do it without falling off. Once we figured it out, then we had to get over the fact that we were both up so high in the air while on the horse. It did give us a little bit of vertigo.

Getting over the height issue lead us to a speed issue. We didn’t want the horse to go too fast, because we didn’t want to fall off. The other trainers were having a good laugh at our lack of experience. I suppose it was funny, but at the time, to us it wasn’t. We progressed over the weeks to get good enough to start moving at a racing speed. The feeling of riding on the horse in a race is pretty amazing. It’s like being on a living, breathing motorcycle that can jump over anything.