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I Needed New Ladders on My Warehouse

When I purchased a used warehouse, I was really surprised with how nice everything was. It was nearly 30 years old, so I figured there would be quite a few things I would need to update. As it turned out, the only major renovation I had was with the safety ladders outside. There were two going up to the roof, but they were not in great shape. I could tell that they were purchased when the building was first built, and they were definitely from another era where safety meant something but not quite what it does today. Continue reading

Buying Beats for Your Rhymes

Some people are great at rhymes and not great at making beats to go with them. Pretty much every rhyme has a cadence it should be spoken to. This sets the rhythm for the rhyme. It is the same in poetry of different forms, and rap is a form of poetry. Rap just gets a beat to go with it to make it a song. I can write rhymes pretty well, and I buy hip hop beats to merge with my rhymes. There are so many available, and they are separated even by the mood of music that you want to buy. It takes a lot of searching and listening to track samples, but I can find great beats to go with my rhymes.

I see it as a collaboration. I write the lyrics and someone else writes the music. This is as about as common a thing as you can get in the music industry. Continue reading

His Front Tooth Got Knocked out

My husband and I were goofing off not long ago. We sometimes act like kids, but that is what keeps our marriage so fun. We were wrestling in the living room, and he had pinned me down. I thought I would grab a pillow and wonk him on the head with it, but he moved quickly to stop me. That is how he hit the corner of the table with his jaw, and I knew he was in a lot of pain from the sounds coming from him. I knew he needed to see a Launceston dentist after he opened his mouth and I saw his front tooth barely hanging there.

How he managed to do that is still a mystery to us. He was able to take the pain while I looked for a dentist who could take him that day. Continue reading

I Have a Summer Internship

I have managed to get an internship at a technology company for the summer, but I am not really thinking that it is going to be as great as I had hoped any more. The truth is that the people there are really under a lot of stress and that people who are under stress can really act like jerks. That is a nice word, and not the one that I am thinking when I write that. At any rate they make stuff like scanner software and other imaging software, but they are having a lot of real issues. It is pretty obvious that they are up against a bunch of obstacles and they can not find the way around them, so all of them are getting snarky with one another. Continue reading

Hollywood Hacking Movies Help Fuel the Fear of Russian Hacking Attempts

Have you ever wondered why hacking could be a problem in America in the first place? Unfortunately, we get a lot of our ideas about how hacking is done and what it can do from TV shows and movies. It amazes me that people do not even stop to think how creative license rarely has anything to do with actual reality. Have you seen the news, or read practically any article, about the presidential election and Russian hacking? The rumors, allegations, denials and all the rhetoric never get into real hacking.

There is a link you can go to online that shows in real time where the majority of the hacking attempts are coming from with the United States being the target. The bulk of the live attempts come from China, but Russia is probably second. Another fact is that Russian citizens, usually males in their 20s or 30s, are behind developing the fake news information. They publicly declare they are doing it for money. Continue reading

An Air Rifle for My Husband

My husband has been wanting an air rifle for a while now. He collects guns and rifles, yet for some reason he has never purchased one of these. I decided to change that for his upcoming birthday. We have been married for over nine years, and I go to the shooting range with him often. I know what he likes as far as guns are concerned, and I know what he does not like. That is how I knew that he would really enjoy the Hatsan 95 that I had been eyeing for him.

I had done a lot of research on the different air rifles that I was able to buy for him. I wanted to get him the one that he would choose for himself, and that is the reason I knew the Hatsan 95 was the perfect gift choice for him. While the walnut stock is nothing new for an air rifle, this particular walnut stock is unique. It comes from very old trees, and it just has a unique walnut color to it. Continue reading

The Purchase of My First Home

I’m thankful that I was able to get my first house with the help of Montecito Real Estate. I was living with my parents for a long time, and had the desire to move out, but I wasn’t ready to do so because I didn’t have the funds needed to buy my own home. My parents wanted to help me by giving me financial support, but I didn’t want to put them through such a burden. I wanted to stand on my own two feet and pay for the house with my own money, even if it meant that I would be working for a long time.

I was prepared to even take a second job to get the money needed to buy a home, but it didn’t come to that. Continue reading

The Advantage of Pre Workout Supplements

People at the gym would always get better results than me, and I wondered why. We all seemed to be doing the same exercises, but everyone else could work out for longer periods of time, were less tired at the end of the workout, and had the most gains from the workout. I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer and asked someone how they were getting such good results. They told me that they were using a Body Fortress pre workout supplement. I was only using some protein powder after my workout, but apparently this wasn’t enough.

I did some research on pre workout supplements, and noticed that there were powdered varieties and gels. I wasn’t sure which one to get, especially since they both seemed to provide the benefits I needed. I didn’t have a particular preference for one kind over the other, so I had to just flip a coin to decide. Continue reading

I Kept Trying Until I Found out What Inspired Me

I dreamed of my business growing, but at the same time, I did not have faith in it happening. This is because I sometimes have faith in myself, and at other times, I do not feel strong or smart at all. But I told myself not to give up this time. I had given up on so many other things in the past, but I had determination this time around. The business grew to the point that I was able to call in someone to do a custom conference room setup for me as well as hiring more employees, too. That was when I realized that I finally had the willpower that I had been lacking for so many decades.

I can remember more than one teacher tell me as a child that I would not make much of myself in life if I didn’t follow through with things. It frustratedme to hear them say things to me like that. Looking back, I can only assume that they thought that framing things in that sort of negative light would scare me into changing. Instead, I felt deflated and stupid. Continue reading

When You Need That Disk Array

I recently needed to buy disk arrays, and I needed to do it in a hurry. I work in information technology, although it’s not as glamorous as it sounds. If you’ve ever seen a movie where there’s a guy sitting in a glass room surrounded by stacks of hardware while he pounds away on a keyboard, that’s me. Although I must say my office and the hardware stacks are much smaller than something you would see in a Hollywood thriller. It’s more a few stacks and I’m spending most of my time reading logs to make sure hackers aren’t destroying our system.

But the boss decided to upgrade the system, and expand it, and so he put me in charge of locating the hardware to accomplish this task. Now while I work with the hardware, I’m not up to speed on actually purchasing said items. I came into this job and everything was all set up. Continue reading